Perks for adult developers

Give the best tools for the job, no questions asked

Just provide the best hardware (laptop, chairs, cameras, etc.) and software the team considers appropriate without making a big deal out of it.

Remove general friction

Many levels of approval to get hardware or access to internal systems? Detailed justification to take a day off or a more extended holiday? No access to install other software in their work laptops?

Allow and encourage to continuously improve things

Like any other person in the organisation, developers are well placed to identify their work issues. Not giving them space and autonomy to fix them is missing valuable opportunities to make the whole organisation better.

Allow and encourage to work with the broader organisation

It’s still common for organisations to treat software development as an isolated function that turns requirements from team A into software that team B will run and C will maintain.

Support career development

Most adult developers don’t enjoy the Personal Development Plans (PDPs) their employers force them to define and follow. That becomes even worse when those become tied to career progression and salary reviews.


Hopefully, if those ideas sound like common sense, it probably means your company is already on the right track.



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