CITCON 2022 Musings

One of my favourite things about Open Space tech conferences is that it shows what a group of people cares about at that time. CitConf covers the intersection of technical and non-technical aspects of what it takes to ship good software and attracts people with a variety of roles, contexts and backgrounds. That’s an excellent recipe for insightful conversations and why many attendees return year after year.

This year, the proposed topics highlight how some problems in the software industry take years or decades to tackle. For example:

  • “How to murder manual testing”

It also shows that organisational challenges are a never-ending source of topics:

  • “Dynamic re-teaming in practice”

Finally, I’m glad to see some deeper not-necessarily-technical topics such as:

  • “Self-care (how to ground/breath awareness meditation)”

Based on the sample above and my experience on previous editions, I’m confident this will be another great CitConf and we’ll finish with plenty of insights and new tricks to try.



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